Square pegs/Mix-Them-Up

Created in January 2020, Mix-Them-Up is an organizational behavior program, designed to help managers, entrepreneurs, professors as well as students; it is an educational tool that encourages new creative thinking and helps visualize thoughts. It is an evaluation and assessment system, a form of therapy. It takes people’s mind off problems and replaces these thoughts with new creative solutions.

Mix-Them-Up takes the impossible and makes it possible by mixing up possibilities until we come close to a solution. This tool allows us to change our thinking unexpectedly and to become a new person. It becomes substitutive to therapy.

This tool measures things like:

By using this tool, we will learn about logic, the process of inventing, about problem solving, stress management, coordination, mental fatigue, self-control, solution management, and independence. We will also learn about shape recognition, about fast and smart decisions, about how to expand our imagination, how to materialize our imagination, how to express creativity; we will learn how to overcome stingy, greed, laziness, and brutality, how to overcome competitions, biases, wickedness, and more importantly, we will learn that “there is no end to creative thinking.”

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